The Costa Rica Bird Observatories is a nationwide monitoring initiative created and managed through partnerships among many partners, both private and public. The Observatories’ primary objective includes the promotion of bird conservation and education in Costa Rica through scientific monitoring.

Humans and birds depend on intact ecosystems for food resources, shelter and other broad environmental processes such as carbon sequestration and atmospheric regulation. Human enterprise routinely degrades ecosystems causing the global decline of many bird populations. To manage and conserve bird species in peril we must identify factors preventing population-level recovery, thereby moving beyond estimates of mere population size to demographics and to the underlying causes of population changes.

Our mission:
To facilitate on-going bird monitoring in Costa Rica through the establishment of successful cooperative scientific field efforts that result in strategic decisions pertaining to bird conservation at a regional scale.

Our vision:
To gather and preserve monitoring and inventory information on birds and their habitats to further avian conservation and science in Costa Rica.

Our objectives:
• Establish and maintain long-term, sustainable bird monitoring programs in Costa Rica.
• Generate and promote the collection, archiving and analysis of bird monitoring data to make better management decisions and to further our understanding of migrant and resident bird population dynamics.
• Generate information pertaining to the complete annual cycle and natural history of migrant and resident birds that will lead to a better understanding of avian demographics and factors regulating population growth.
• Provide training opportunities for local and international volunteers, students, and biologists in the area of bird monitoring.
• Provide an education program that focuses on awareness and appreciation for resident and migrant birds through outreach programs at each field station for Costa Rican people and through national media coverage.
• Produce regular newsletters, public outreach events, scientific publications, and reports for various publics and the World Wide Web.

Our methods:
Through a series of international and domestic Costa Rican Partnerships we gather, preserve, and analyze data, as well as generate tools that enhance and promote bird science and conservation, serving as a model for implementation across the Americas. All of our data is collected under rigorous standards and is available via the Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas. Our efforts will be integrated with local scientists, NGOs, conservationists, and policy decision makers. Our operations involve participation of interns and volunteers, primarily from Costa Rica, and also from the rest of the Americas and Europe.